Activities at Alfrey

From archery to gladiator dulling, you can easily spend a day at Alfrey!

Although a smaller site we offer a range of activities comparable to many larger sites. Some of these activities will require parental permission to enable participation by under 18’s.

Costs can be found in the Site Fees section.

Activities are normally available Saturday 10am – 1pm and then from 2pm till 5pm and on Sundays from 10am till 1pm.

In order to assist you with running your actvities safely, we have made available for you to view our risk assessments. Follow this link to view the site’s Risk Assessments.

The Climbing/Abseiling Wall

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Archery and Under 8’s Archery

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Assault Course

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Gladiator Duel

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Cresta Run

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Bouncy Castle

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We have a Go-Kart course and pedal go-karts. They are suitable for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Hours of fun, stage your own Le-Mans.
Assault Course

Pond Dipping/Nature Box,/a. Hire our box of bits and pieces to do some naturist work, Find out what lives a the bottom of our pond. You wont find any tyres/shopping trolleys here!

Pond Dipping

Junior Shooting and Archery
We now have available some Petron Sucker Crossbows nad rifles that are both available to hire. They come complete with targets. These are suitable for younger people as a fun activity, that can be used in one of the buildings as a fill in or a wet weather alternative.

Giant Sandpit
We have a giant sandpit, this is about 5mtrs * 15mtrs. with 20tons of Playsand, all you need to do is bring a bucket and spade.

This is a Freebie! We have a preset course and we can provide you with the compasses and route cards to complete it.

Campfire Circle
The campfire circle is available for use free of charge the only proviso is that it is a shared facility between all campers and that you clean it up before you leave. Please see the warden to arrange collection of wood as this is a limited resource on site.

Alter Fires
We have several half barrels available free of charge.

There are also sections of the site usable for backwoods cooking using Altar Fires only, sorry, barbequing and games such as football, softball etc. Please ask the warden or one of their team for advice on activities or programme planning if you need it. Please note that the over-riding factor in all of our activities is safety and sometimes this can result in activities being closed or unavailable, particularly with the English climate!