Cubs Together 2020

Virtual Camp

We know that many of our Cubs will be sad to be missing Cubs Together this summer… But, we’ve got some good news! We are bringing you little bit of our county Cub camp to you, in your own homes!

On Saturday 13 June, we want you to make some memories, have an adventure, learn some new skills and come together with other Cubs on our virtual camp! There are four ways for you to get involved on the day:

  1. Earn your international activity badge, by doing the activities we’ve put together in our activity pack.
  2. Come together with some other Cub Scouts online – this could be having a video call with some friends, or your leader running a pack meeting online.
  3. Pause to reflect at 4:30pm. We’d love all Warwickshire cub scouts to pause at the same time and think about what it means to be a part of the world wide family of scouting even though we can’t be together. We’ll put a video on our youtube channel for you to watch – you can view this using the green button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Spend a night Camping at Home – spend a night somewhere different to you bed, perhaps a den in your house, or camp in the garden.

If you do these four things, you’ll earn a night away to add to your total, and your international activity badge. Lots more information can be found in our information pack, which you can download using the button below.

We hope you have a fabulous Virtual Cubs Together Camp. Stay safe everyone.