International Scouting

Scouting is a worldwide organisation – international scouting is a big deal! There are loads of opportunities to get out of the UK to experience scouting abroad, or even to host some of our overseas family in the UK!

Trips abroad are an incredible way to experience Scouting in another part of the world, visit places of interest and to experience other cultures. Warwickshire groups can (and do) organise their own trips abroad and we’ve got a handy guide for this in our ‘Go International’ section. There are also more established trips, like to the World Scout Jamboree and Moot, which are open to members of a specific age.

Take a look below for the different travel experiences on offer and to see more about where Warwickshire Scouts have been before!

Want to know more? Find the Scouts international travel webpages here.
You can find a complete list of international events here.

The international team, comprising of our ACCs International Gerald Telfer and Shaun Marshall, along with the Joint International Steering Group (JISG) are responsible for supporting and overseeing foreign trips that Warwickshire Scouts go on.

Details on the process for Visits Abroad, for Event Organisers, and Lead Volunteers can be found here