Roverway is an incredible European adventure for 16 to 22 year olds. In 2024, Roverway will be hosted in Norway. 

You have until 11 April 2023 to apply for the Warwickshire patrol.


Roverway 2024 will take place in Norway from July the 22nd to the 5th of August 2024. The theme for the jamboree is “North of the Ordinary”. Welcome to Norway!

The jamboree is divided into two parts. During the first days, the participants will gather up in small groups and get the opportunity to explore a self-chosen path. The paths will run throughout Southern Norway and end in a joint jamboree in the Stavanger area.

Watch the official Roverway 2024 video below to see what the experience looks like.

About Roverway

Roverway is a joint activity of the European Region of WOSM and the Europe Region of WAGGGS, a ten-day event open for youth aged 16 to 22, who are members of the senior branches of member organisations of WOSM or WAGGGS. The activity was introduced in 2003 (as a follow-up to the Eurofolk event that existed from 1977 to 1997) and consists usually of two stages: a “journey” with small units of Scouts making their way to the main camp, which is the second stage.

Past Events

Roverway is usually held every three years and hosted by a member organisation of the European Scout Region:

  • Roverway 2003 in Leiria, Portugal; motto “People in motion”
  • Roverway 2006 in Florence, Italy; motto: “Dare to share”
  • Roverway 2009 in Úlfljótsvatn Scout Center, Iceland; motto: “Open up”
  • Roverway 2012 in Evo, Hämeenlinna, National Campsite of the Guides and Scouts of Finland, Finland; motto: “See. Feel. Follow”
  • Roverway 2016 in France; 2015 was skipped as not to overlap the 23rd World Scout Jamboree; motto: “Sur la Route”, which translates ‘On the Road”.
  • Roverway 2018 in the Netherlands; motto: “Opposites Attract”