Moot 2021

Ireland will welcome the world to the 16th World Scout Moot in 2021. Moot is an international event for Scouts aged 18-25. The theme is Le Chéile (leh kay-la) which means ‘together’.

About the Moot

The entry point to the Moot will be Dublin City. Patrols will then explore the many wonders of Ireland on a collection of exciting and interesting trails across the island. Patrols will then return to Dublin for the Base Camp feature of the Moot before returning home. Base camp takes place at Malahide Castle and will be like a mini jamboree.

If you are over 25, you too can have fun, by volunteering to be part of the International Service Team (IST).

To find out more and to apply, click the handy link below. Closing date for participant and IST applications is 3 May 2020.