From pull up banners top two-way radios and traffic cones, Warwickshire has amassed quite a collection of resources. These are normally stored in two locations: either central to the county in Leamington, or down in West Warwickshire (in our events container) for the lesser-used items.

The variety of equipment is huge, so we can’t list it all. However, here’s a breakdown of the types of equipment we have available:

  • Radios (4x boxes of 10)
  • Pull up banners
  • Car beacons (orange)
  • Warwickshire Scouts road signage
  • Traffic cones
  • Hessian

To manage the equipment, we use some software called ‘Tiger’. This allows realtime tracking of bookings and locations, so we always know where our kit is. Click below to see our full inventory and access Tiger.