Youth Led Scouting

Youth Led is nothing new. It started in 1907 and it’s been happening ever since. It’s about young people working together with volunteers to shape, influence, and lead their adventure.


We’re the County Youth Commissioners here in Warwickshire and our role is to help the County be as Youth Shaped as possible.

We want to give every young person in the County the opportunity to shape local Scouting. And we hope you’ll help us do just that!

Whatever role you hold in Scouting, you can promote Youth Shaped Scouting by making sure that the Young People in our County get a say in decisions that could affect them: whether that’s what game to play, what to eat on camp, or a much bigger decision like where to go on an International adventure.

Young people can come up with some amazing ideas, let’s give them the opportunity to share them!

If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, please your County Youth Leads

Dean and Drew
County Youth Leads

What is Youth Led Scouting?

Youth Led Scouting is where young people shape their Scouting journey. This can be as simple as asking whether they enjoyed an activity and repeating activities that they particularly enjoyed. Or it can go as far as young people suggesting ideas, or even planning and running activities and events.

To find out more, visit the Scouts website.

YouShape Award

The YouShape Award makes it even easier to embed being youth shaped into your programme. At the same time, it’ll help young people work with their leaders to learn leadership skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

There are 4 parts of the badge that represent 4 different way young people can shape their scouting journey:

  • Central (setting a goal and making it happen)
  • Plan (helping to plan the programme)
  • Lead (taking a leading role as part of an activity or within the section)
  • Represent (representing the section or group)

To find out more, visit the Scouts website.

Local DYCs

Each District should have at least 1 District Youth Commissioner. Their role is to promote and support Youth Shaped Scouting in the District.

If you’re interested in getting more involved in Youth Shaping within your District, please get in touch with your DYC.

If your District has no DYC, consider applying for the role – you can find out more about the role by visiting the Scouts website, contacting your DC, or contacting your County Youth Leads