Our monthly email newsletter keeps our adult members up to date.

In order to communicate with all our members, we make sure to share all our news about upcoming events, changes and training in our email newsletter. We call it iWispa; it focuses on the present and future. iWispa contains very different information to our printed magazine (WISPA) which focuses on sharing, communicating and celebrating what has already happened.

Everyone can contribute to iWispa – from a Beaver up to Network, including Leaders and Occasional Helpers! It’s all about the content; so long as what you’ve got to say meets a few requirements, it’s eligible for iWispa!

Content for iWispa needs to:

  • Relate to something that is happening at the time or in the near future
  • Be relevant to more than two districts
  • Have been approved by any relevant stakeholders

  • Be sent to the iWispa team before the content deadline

It’s really important that we can communicate with our adult leaders about news and upcoming opportunities. To join the iWispa list, fill out the form below!

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