First Aid

Scouts’ first response courses cover the skills and knowledge necessary to enable adults to manage an incident and provide basic first aid.

First Aid

First Aid Training is required by Leaders/Managers working with young people in Scouting. (The need for First Aid training is set out on your PLP or in the role matrix on the Scout website.)

There are plenty of places for First Aid/First Response over the next few months – please find and book an appropriate course! You can still do the blended approach if that works better than face to face.


Spaces remain on the courses set up around the county with more dates to be added. These can be booked using the eventbrite link below – look for First Response or First Aid Training events.

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The Scout Association have agreed that the blended approach is now permanent option for First Response Training. To complete blended training, you need to complete the following three modules:

Part 1.  e-learning 2.5 hours
This has been developed by Hampshire Scouts and we appreciate the opportunity to have access to this. Please ensure you watch the videos and read the information as we monitor completion times. You can start and stop the learning as needed.  Once you have completed, please ensure you fill in the form at the end otherwise your completion will not be logged.  See handy link to course below.

Click for First Aid Part 1

Part 2. Zoom session 2.5 hours 
This is provided by Warwickshire First Response Trainers. Following the completion of the e-learning you will need to sign up for a 10A First Response Zoom session.

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Part 3. Practical session 1 hour
These will be held around the County. Following the completion of module 10A, you will need to sign up for a 10B First Response Practical Session.

Once you have completed all three parts, your compass record will be updated and you will be sent a certificate of completion.

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External First Aid Courses

Most external first aid course do not cover all modules for the Scout First Response requirements. If you have completed a First Aid course outside of Scouting, you will need to complete an e-learning module to cover the remaining topics. These can be found here.

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