What do I need to do to complete the KSA?

Award participants must: MEMBERSHIP Be aged 16  or older to start the award and complete the award before your 25th birthday (26th birthday during the Covid 19 pandemic) Be a member of either Explorer Scouts or Scout Network (or a combination of both) for at least 18 months to complete the award - time can

What paperwork do I need to complete for the award?

You are required to complete the Log book. The Logbook also has the sign off sheet for the relevant commissioner to sign off. We can help you complete the logbook to ensure it will pass the final stage of approval at Scout HQ prior to you completing the award.

Do I need to register for the award?

The requirement to register nationally and back date activities up to three months for the KSA has been removed from 1 November 2018 onwards. However Warwickshire does need you to share your Online Scout Manager OSM account with the OSM Warwickshire Scouts King's Scouts Award Group. This is to help us assess how you are

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