Get In has a logo, font and style which helps the event stand out. This is Warwickshire’s Festival of Scouting, in all its glory!

Having a brand shows who we are, what we do and how we show ourselves to the world. When we have a strong and consistent brand and talk clearly about our event, we will attract more support for Scouting in across Warwickshire.


Our event is called “Get In“. This is written in lower case, with the first letter of each word capitalised, like you’re writing a person’s name. So, not “get in” or “GET IN”.

You may notice that our logo looks like it has Get In written in all capitals, which would contradict what we just said. This is because the font is a bit quirky – it has the same shape for an upper case G and a lower case g, and so on for the rest of the letters – however the size is different. See below for an illustration of this.

“Get In” (correct) and “GET IN” (incorrect) using the event font.


Get In’s font is called Dialogue. This is a premium font which normally must be paid-for, however we have written permission from the font’s creator for usage in relation to Warwickshire Scouts activities. The font installation file can be found in the branding pack – download below. For a copy of the permissions, please email

The font, Dialogue, should be used in titles relating to the event, however the length of these titles should be kept low – ideally to five words or less. This font appears in the logo, will title each page of the Event Manual, and will caption some images we post on our social media – hopefully this helps give some context around use cases.


Warwickshire’s Festival of Scouting.

Get In has a slogan to help describe the event and set the tone of the weekend we want to deliver. It conveys energy, excitement and community; key elements of a great event! When using the slogan, Get In should only be referred to as a festival of scouting, not just a festival. When written in full, the words should be capitalised as shown above this paragraph.


We may sometimes refer to “#GetInCamp” – this is our event tag, which is not used by anyone else on the internet, so it helps us find content relevant to our event on social media. GetInCamp or Get In Camp should not be used in normal conversation.


Our logo builds on our event heritage, with clear links to the 2018, 2015 and 2011 events.

The logo should only be reproduced at a minimum size of 1.5 inches diameter – this is to prevent loss of detail which occurs when shrinking the logo too far. It is acceptable to print the logo in black-and-white.

In the branding pack (download button below) you can find the logo in various different formats. The folders are labelled; please be sure to use the correct version of the logo for your usage – this will ensure the colours appear correctly in either print or digital formats!


The event colours are specific shades of purple, orange, green and blue. You can find the colour codes, which describe these specific shades, below. Use the hex codes (beginning with a #) for digital usage, and the CMYK values [coming soon – revert to hex values for now] for any print/ink usage.

Purple: #7413DC
Orange: #ee7605
Green: #86a313
Blue: #3aa9e0


For more information about the event, check out the Event Manual.

If you need any help with the Get In brand, please email our media team using, or click the button below.