Go International

Going abroad with Scouting is easier than you might think! There is a very clear rule and process to follow and there are lots of people with international experience in Warwickshire  to guide you on your journey.

Step 1 – Do your research

The visits abroad process on the Scout Association website is the best place to start:

Step 2 -Take advice

Have a chat with your District Commissioner and the Warwickshire Assistant County Commissioner for International (ACCI), who can offer help and advice and possibly put you in touch with someone who has organised a similar trip. Email international@warwickshirescouts.org.uk.

Step 3 – Get initial approval for the trip

Download the Visits Abroad Form Part A from the Scout Association website and send to the ACCI. This should be done as soon as you have the basic details of the trip – where you are going, when and approximately how many leaders and scouts who you are  planning to take. You can confirm final numbers when you submit the Visits Abroad Part B form.  The district commissioner also needs to approve the trip.

If you are planning to travel as an adult leader without any young people (eg doing a recce or attending an international event as part of the service team), you still need to follow the Visits Abroad process. 

Step 4 – Plan in detail

Now the detailed planning starts! You can always get help and advice from the ACCI who can put you in touch with other Warwickshire leaders who may have done similar international trips.

You can also apply to the County International Fund if you meet the criteria.

Click for details of the County International Fund criteria

Step 5 – Get final approval 

2 to 3 months before your trip submit your Visits Abroad Form with Part B completed to the ACC International (international@warwickshirescouts.org.uk). This provides a lot more detail about the trip. 

Form B needs to be accompanied by:

  • Your itinerary and programme
  • List of attendees
  • Copy of your insurance
  • Risk assessments
  • Critical Incident Plan
  • Evidence of relevant permits

Following approval by ACCI, your District Commissioner will also need to approve the trip.

Step 6 – Over to the ACCI 

ACCI will then:

  • notify head office of your trip, 
  • provide you with details of the Scout Association in the country you are visiting and notify them of your visit
  • provide you with an international letter of introduction

Step 7 – Enjoy!

Have a great trip and when you get back, tell us all about it!. It’s great if you can write something for the county magazine WISPA to inspire other leaders too!