Using Warwickshire’s Google Workspace (aka GSuite) system

Warwickshire Scouts have a Google Workspace account. This primarily hosts our email accounts and cloud storage, though it comes with many more features besides.

Google Workspace, formerly known as GSuite before the name changed in mid-2021, is Google’s commercial package of their cloud software – Gmail, Google Drive, Groups, Google Meet, Calendar and so on. Google provide this for free to non-profit organisations.

To get access to this system, whether you are a single leader, a GSL, or a whole district, email and we’ll get you on board.

How to use emails and cloud storage

Below is a video which shows how to use key features of Google Workspace. The numbers in (brackets) are timecodes, so you can skip to just the section you want.
Using your emails (Start)
Setting your emails up with Outlook (1:25)
Using Google Drive (
Synchronising Google Drive with your computer (
Using Google Filestream offline (

How to use Google Meet for video calls

Google Meet is a bit like Zoom, but it runs entirely in your web browser – there is no programme to download. You can use it for section meetings, leaders planning calls or anything else.

Need help?

Click the button below to email the support team, who can help you with any aspect of using this system.